We’ve all been there – sober conference rooms with drab art prints on the walls and no natural daylight. Creative processes require a sense of well-being, of a personal atmosphere, of freedom and beauty. With space for up to 160 people, our Queen Louise Conference Centre offers you a pleasant location and a historic atmosphere for your conference.

To do so, we create a setting which perfectly balances this style with the contents of your event. Depending on the time of year, meals can be enjoyed in our 1699 restaurant, in the castle garden or in the Old Chancellery. And, what’s more, we can recommend a suitable framework programme to help compensate for the concentration and communication which such an event demands. We are also happy to design your ideal conference concept for you. Hold a conference in Schloss Tangermünde near Berlin – close enough to be half a world away.

Overview of our rooms:

The Queen Louise room

The Kaiser Wilhelm room

The Kaiser Karl room

maximum number of people depending on different seating plans

Room name Floor space in m2 Block seating U-shaped Parliamentary-style seating Rows of chairs Banquet Daylight Accessible
The Queen Louise room (main conference room) 184 28 34-48 80 160 90 X X
The Kaiser Karl room (group room) 37.5 12 11 14 20 - X -
The Kaiser Wilhelm room (group room) 46 14 14 18 36 - X -
Old Chancellery (dinner and, if necessary, lunch) 160 42 76 70 130 100 limited -

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Room rental

upon request when booking and/or when booking additional group rooms:
(incl. material: 1 flip chart, 1 screen, 1 projector, 1 metaplan board – not in frame)

  • The “Queen Louise” hall – €300.00/day
  • The “Kaiser Wilhelm” room – €150.00/day
  • The “Kaiser Karl” room – €120.00/day


Assembly and dismantling of facilities within the room on separate days = ½ of the room rental price per day

Conference concept

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