The Castle

Our castle has a history more than one thousand years in the making. Nestled within a well-fortified city wall, Schloss Tangermünde is seated high above the Elbe River, with the medieval town of Tangermünde at its feet. Emperors, kings, princes and counts once resided here. During your visit to Tangermünde, you can find out all there is to know about the exciting history of this time-honoured castle complex in the Castle Museum. Here is just a small glimpse.

History of the Schloss Tangermünde


First mention of a castle at Tangermünde


Emperor Charles IV moves into the castle. This remained his secondary residence – after Prague Castle – until his death in 1378.

until 1463

Home to the margraves of Brandenburg

1463- 1869

Seat of the sovereign administration authorities


Large parts of the imperial castle are destroyed by Swedish troops in the Thirty Years’ War.


What is today the main building is built by Elector of Brandenburg Frederick William III, later King of Prussia.

1874- 1950

District Court of Tangermünde

1967- 1989

Tangermünde Children’s Hospital


The main building is renovated by the Busse family


The Schloss Tangermünde Hotel is opened in August


Renovation of the summer houses


Grand opening of the newly-built Kaisertherme spa area and the Queen Louise Conference Centre